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Running out of Lines – Chi Kuen Victor Chu Solo Exhibition​

Ko Shing Gallery is pleased to present the first major solo exhibition of Chi Kuen Victor Chu (b. 1989), a graphic art and illustration artist from Toronto, Canada and now resides in Hong Kong. Chu’s work has been widely praised for its limited palette and handcrafted graphic precision quality. The works presented in ‘Running out of Lines” are part of his simultaneous tenacity in presenting a new series of works titled “II/III” that introduce how he further pushes the boundaries of 2D graphic elements into a higher level of aesthetic possibilities. 

Atypically stripped of color, the work bears the heavy process of 2D graphics with the use of one of the most imminent elements of design – line, and then quietly transforming into 3D. The works are emerging into 3D with the installation of varied line-related materials transposed into the drawing. By adding elements such as neon, strings, 3d print or glasses, Chu conveys how alteration of formats tests the boundaries of tangible and interactivity of art. Upon closer inspection, viewers can note that by adding the materials, Chu has subtly introduced movement into the unmovable, rigid painting, whilst adding further dimensional depth of work and changes viewer’s interaction with various acts of intervention in both realms by opposing the flat with objects pasted onto it.



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