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Ko Shing Gallery is an art space for artists, collectors and cultural workers. We also have venue rental with accessible rate and give unique attention to each individual, taking the time to know them more personally to perform the best exhibition, show or experience for the community.


We seek to contribute the multicultural flavour of the Western District by providing space and support for artists to share their ideas. Next to art exhibitions, we also appreciate other forms of art such as performing arts , art lectures, special screenings, artistic events/launches, fashion, photo shoots, showrooms, experimental marketing in order to facilitate a diverse environment.


We wish to connect our community with art lovers and cultural seekers to the infinite world of art.



Ko Shing Gallery


Ko Shing Street, Hong Kong, also known as the “Chinese Medicine Street”, is a vibrant street with a rich history of herbal medicine. It is a perfect location that is easily accessible through public transport and is frequented by a variety of tourist and locals. We are looking forward to your visit.

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