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KAWAII Exhibition

Artist: Yuko Yamaguchi (Hello Kitty designer), Takashi Murakami


About KAWAII Exhibition

"KAWAII Exhibition x Ko Shing Gallery" will be showcasing Hello Kitty and Takashi Murakami’s artworks. The most featured artwork will be Hello Kitty's rare series, only 50 editions in the world. They are created officially for the first time by Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi, and they were exhibited at "Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary of the Memorial Exhibition" in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Impossible to miss this!


Hello Kitty and Yuko Yamaguchi
Hello Kitty is the iconic figure of the Kawaii culture in Japan. Hello Kitty's popularity has brought by her designer - Yuko Yamaguchi. In 1980, Yuko Yamaguchi started and carried the positive, diversified attitude to endorse Hello Kitty for 36 years. Soon, Hello Kitty became widespread and loved by 109 countries, making Hello Kitty a world superstar.


Colourful World of Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami was influenced by Japanese anime and manga. He brought this Japanese sub-culture, making a footprint in the global contemporary art scene. His iconic works of “Flowers” series, have brought joy to the public by its vibrant, cheerful smiles. In addition to his masterpiece at the exhibition - "Flowers", Murakami’s cartoon character “Mr. DOB”, moreover "Kansei" and "Kourin" which are referenced by the Japanese Ukiyo-e and Rinpa will also be showcased.


In the KAWAII Exhibition, Hello Kitty will enter her inner world: daisy, bear, and the legendary Hollywood superstar - the star whom every girl admired! Already wondering how Yuko Yamaguchi would interpret her Hello Kitty world?

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