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Constructing Reality

Featured Artists: Yuki Furusawa, Kenny Li, Taylor McCormick, Megan Olinger & Anna Wieske

25 – 27 May, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, 25 May2017, 6:30-9pm

G/F, 5A Ko Shing Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm, Sunday and Public Holiday by appointment only



Constructing Reality features the works of five emerging photographers and visual artists working with a variety of contemporary photographic repertoire. The showcase seeks to highlight and question the ways in which current visual culture calls upon our ability to construct meaning based on photographic tradition and our collective consumption of imagery. By constructing imagery through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction, these artists draw attention to the ability and limitations of photography’s latent use of duration as a dimension in creating, recreating, interweaving, and questioning reality of the past, present and future.  

Artist Introduction​

Yuki Furusawa

Spanning video, stills, and handmade book-making, Yuki Furusawa’s works engage in the intimacy of relationships and memory, which become tangible in the texture and physicality of her handmade books and emotionally revealing imagery.  

Kenny Li

With and a conceptual approach to the genre of fashion photography, and using virtual reality as a mode of display and distribution, Kenny Li creates conditions to explore where photography intersects fashion’s equivocal role in finessing the tension between the human body and the artifice of technology. ​

Taylor McCormick

Taylor McCormick creates fictional narratives through digitally-manipulated portrait scenes with stylised subjects, rich color, and strict attention to detail. Taking heavy inspiration from the aesthetics and pop culture of midcentury post-war America, she delves into contemporary feelings of idealisation, dissociation, political anxiety, identity, and body politics amid an atmosphere of geopolitical uncertainty.


Megan Olinger

Using both online and offline sources to further the concept of “art after the internet”, Megan Olinger’s practice examines the evolution of cultural and sociological perception and the function of photography, by addressing issues of authorship, accountability, aesthetics and economics of the networked image.

Anna Wieske

Anna Wieske’s works probe the ways in which our collective concept of photography continues to develop by highlighting ways of capturing, selecting, and combining imagery; reframing the composited image as simultaneously a window and a mirror, staged in the context of the present. 

By directing our gaze to how the modes of image construction, dissemination, and signification are dependent upon collaboration between the image-maker(s) and viewer(s) through time, this collection of artists and their work provide a timely entry point for discourse on the current image environment, and photography’s central role in Constructing Reality.

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