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Autumn/Winter Collection: Chagall to Murakami

Ko Shing Gallery presents Autumn/Winter Collection: Chagall to Murakami. Ko Shing Gallery is opened in 2015 and having the first opening reception on Thursday 29 October, 2015. The gallery offers to present rare experience for guests, collectors and admirers to involve in the different transitions in Art periods from early modernism to contemporary art, periods of tremendous social change and innovation in arts. The collection includes Marc Chagall alongside rarely seen art work by Umehara Ryuzaburo to contemporary icons Takashi Murakami, Tadanori Yokoo and others.
Highlights of the collection will include a magnificent work of Marc Chagall’s lithograph “Three angels”, 1980. The most representative 20th century Russian-French artist Marc Chagall was born in Belarus in July 1887, and was most notable for his themes of love and marriage. In 1915, Chagall married Bella, the love of his life. Bella had been the source of inspiration for the creation of Chagall's art. By the time of his first daughter’s birth, Ida, Chagall had already begun to gain recognition for his works. This art piece “Three Angels”, Chagall used elegant colours to depict the characters, angels, nature, combining reality and dream together, bringing works with infinite imagination and creative world. Chagall's works bring people warm, comfortable feeling and still welcomed by the public.
Fascination with technology and animation culture in Japan. Murakami Takashi (1962- ) in search for a special kind of connection between the commercial media, low and high arts. Being the first Japanese artist to be exhibited at Château de Versailles, the iconic work “Flowers” combined the most modern techniques with the precision of traditional Japanese art. In this collection, Murakami’s “Smile of Flowers” sitting next to traditional Japanese artist Umehara Ryuzaburo’s “Flowers”, paradoxically, there is a drastic change in history of how we perceive in modern sensibility.
Various artists from “Autumn/Winter Collection: Chagall to Murakami” had the strength of character to drastically broadening its boundaries in art, to launch themselves into new ways of thinking about art. “Autumn/Winter Collection: Chagall to Murakami” will hold until 20th November 2015.

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